Al Sayyah & Sons Investments

Founded in 2000 by Mr. Mohammed Abdullah Al Sayyah, Al Sayyah Investments has built a prominent name due to the commitment of its founder to excellence in all what he undertakes. Mr. Mohammed Abdullah was renown to be very active in real estate investments and uncovering business opportunities. He played a significant role in driving successful real estate projects through delivering quality real-estate products, with realistic economic viability studies and on-time delivery
Al Sayyah & Sons Investments expanded during Dubai’s booming period throughout its landscape development. The company significantly contributed to the nation's building and was a prominent actor in achieving the vision his Highness Sheikh Mohamed Bin Rashid had for Dubai. Al Sayyah & Sons Investments contributed in building a range of residential and commercial buildings before moving to the residential and commercial Towers. The company recruited international experts and developed strong partnerships to reach ultimate results. Its detailed-oriented, passionate architects thrive to deliver signature projects that are consistently elegant, innovative and unique such as Shatha, Sulafa, and Blue Bay Towers and other prominent buildings in Sharjah, Dubai, and Lebanon.